This website is used to manage the CYSA District 2 playthrough league for Spring and Fall Rec Soccer.

If you are a U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 or U19 representative for your league and you are interested to have your teams play with rec teams of other leagues within our district please send an email to so you can be added to the list of league representatives, at which point you will be able to add your leages team to the site, and you will be added to the mailing list for league representatives.

Who can participate

The District 2 play-through league is open to any U8 to U19 CYSA rec team from any of the leagues within District 2. There is no fee for teams to participate in the regular season. A U19 bracket will also exist assuming that we get enough teams in that age group (this usually only works for the Fall)


There is no fee for teams playing within this league. Teams will play about 5 home games, and the home leagues are expected to schedule fields and 3 referees for home games of U10 and older teams, and 1 referee for U8 games. The leagues will not be reimbursed for the referees or fields.

League participation

If your league is interest in participating with the District 2 play-through league please send an email with the contact information of the recreational representatives to, so that they can be added to the mailing list. For planning purpose it would be great if you could add the number of teams you expect this year


Depending on the number of teams in each age group one or more brackets may be created. Each bracket should have at least 6 teams. Although it is possible to change the brackets after a few weeks of play almost all leagues preferred not to do this due to scheduling problems with fields and referees. Instead, brackets have been kept large enough so that each team played any other team only once.

Time Line

Team Registration: Generally the teams should be registered 2 weeks before the first game, so that there is enough time to schedule the games. Once scheduled home leagues are expected to schedule the first game at least one week before the opening games.


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